WATCH: Martha Stewart On Today – The Best Age For Sex Is…

Martha Stewart stopped by The Today Show this morning to color eggs, fashion pretty Easter baskets, and talk about sex — obviously. After all her demos were over, she sat in on a chat about Allure Magazine’s recent poll to determine the best age for getting it on. Martha thought the magazine was low-balling the ripest age, which they claim is 31.

“The day that I went public with my company, sitting down on Wall Street, ringing the bells, I was in my 50s!” she exclaimed. “And so rich. I felt great.”

Brush your shoulders off, M-Stew. As for at what age tearing up the sheets is most satisfying?

Without a blush, Martha breezily replied, “Sex is good at any age, if…”

“If you’re getting any,” anchor Natalie Morales finished for her.

Thanks for the vote of confidence. Now if only we were better at crafts…

Check out the clip below.

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