WATCH: Sazeracs With Martha Stewart At 9AM? Sure, Why Not

We’re pretty sure Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb blew a gasket this morning over losing out on a Martha Stewart cocktails segment, but the domestic goddess chooses her battles wisely. She knew showing up for Fourth Hour on The Today Show with Sazeracs couldn’t possibly turn out well.

Instead, she joined the regular broadcast with an array of signature drinks designed to take the focus off your terrible cooking at your next holiday party, and delicately left out the word “absinthe” when describing the contents of a Sazerac. She gently warned the anchors that it was strong, but Willie Geist took an enthusiastic swig anyway, and felt the effects almost immediately.

Check out the clip below. Bonus: see Natalie Morrrrales and Martha tap into their inner Latina goddesses over tequila and chorizo.

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