Martha Stewart Dispenses Sex Advice in Reddit AMA, Plus Her 11 Other Best Answers


Martha Stewart is hip to the social media game, and so she graciously gave an hour of her life to doing a beautifully candid “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit. Fun fact: Martha doesn’t shy away from prison questions! Now we’re dying for her Orange is the New Black cameo. Here are her 12 best answers.

On her South Park episode: “I thought it was really cute!”

Her best sex advice: “Always take a bath before and after.”

And on copulating during bath time: “That’s good too, and don’t forget to brush your teeth.”

On what it’s like being friends with Snoop: “I wish I were closer friends with Snoop Dogg.”

On whether she has prison tats: “I would not EVER, EVER deface my body with tattoos.”

On the bastardization that is truffle oil: “I think truffle oil is one of the few ingredients that doesn’t belong in anyone’s kitchen. It is ruinous of most recipes.”

On her favorite Martha Stewart impersonator: “There have been many. None of which are very accurate or flattering. But Ana Gasteyer on SNL did a good job.”

On whether she had a prison nickname: “I think I did, but I can’t remember. I don’t think about the past.”

From the author of My Boyfriend Barfed In My Handbag … And Other Things You Can’t Ask Martha: “Okay, here goes: 1. How do you clean a steel riveted leather harness used for a strap-on dildo? 2. What’s the best way to remove skidmarks (left during sexual relations) from Pratesi sheets? 3. How can you clean semen stains off of a green velour recliner?”
Martha’s answer: “What’s a dildo?”

On running in 2016: “Sounds like a good idea, but I think there will be another strong woman candidate.”

Favorite celebrity: “Pharrell Williams. He’s so cute. I’ve actually seen him in person and adore his good humor.”

On prison food: “There was nothing remarkable about the food at all.”

(Also, in case you were wondering about the answer to that harness question…We know. Leather’s a bitch.)


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