Underground Eats Sponsors #MarthaStruggles Ugly Food Photo Contest; Martha-Shaming Becomes Our Latest Cause

Thank god, because after we got our jollies shaming the slut-shamers on Eat, Drink, Love, our valorous hearts had no one to defend.

After some tragically lit and poorly styled food photos of Martha Stewart’s went viral for being, frankly, disgusting-looking, #StrugglePlate Martha-shaming abounded, which we think is sort of harsh. She’s old. Instagram filters and the finer points of cell phone camera lighting are probably lost on her, guys. Would you Twitter shame your sexy grandma like that? Of course not.

So, naturally, Underground Eats is sponsoring a Thanksgiving contest using the hashtag #MarthaStruggles, in which you submit entries of your grossest Thanksgiving food photos over the holiday weekend, and then, on Monday, they choose a winner, and presumably administer some sort of prize.

Fight the urge to mock a 72-year-old woman! That’s our job. We’re here to exercise your raging id so that you can be a civilized human being. Be a good person this weekend. Don’t participate in #MarthaStruggles. Be a pompous asshat who pumps more mediocre-but-ultimately-unoffensive food photos into the cyber space. Don’t be a jerk.

[Underground Eats]

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