WATCH: Shameless Holiday Cookie Porn From Martha Stewart On Today

We’re not sorry. We won’t apologize for shamelessly promulgating a Martha Stewart holiday cookie demo, because 1) it’s less that a week till Christmas, 2) it’s too deep into the holidays for us to snark on Martha Stewart; we can only weep silently in regards to our own inadequacies while trying desperately to recreate her every craft, and 3) no, seriously, these look especially cool.

You know those counter-intuitively delicious, store-bought, frosted sugar cookies that are impossibly fat and chewy? She makes those.

How about a coconut macaroon shaped like a powdered-sugar-snow-dusted Christmas tree? She makes those.

Sugar cookies that have the decorations already in the dough, so you don’t have to play cake boss with half a dozen different kinds of frosting tips? Done.

Easy, fatty, butter-packed chocolate chunk shortbread? Yup.

Stop hating yourself and check out the clip below. It’s okay. We won’t judge you.

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