WATCH: How Many Dishes Can Martha Stewart Serve In A Jar?

There’s jelly jars, ball jars, kerr jars… and Bubba Stewart can find something for each of them! There’s jar sangria, jar seven-layer dip, jar salade nicoise, jar espresso mousse… basically, there’s nothing Martha can’t serve in picnic-friendly jar fashion. And, when she stopped by The Today Show this morning, she shared her creative picnicking tips with Savannah Guthrie, who at least had the decency to point out that Martha’s jar skills don’t necessarily apply to the rest of us.

But, Martha forcefully barreled on through her demo, in that slightly unnerving way of hers, quietly demanding after every dish, “Isn’t that pretty?” YES MARTHA, IT’S BEAUTIFUL, I CAN DO IT, TOO. PLEASE DON’T HURT MY PUPPY.

Let the record show: My Drunk Kitchen did jargaritas first.

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