WATCH: Martha Stewart Meets Her Dates On Today

We’re finally pulling the trigger on this whole Martha Stewart dating thing. She met the two gents she chose to go on dates with on The Today Show this morning (ceremony officiated by Matt Lauer, natch), and, actually, they seem pretty great.

“I like to go out with men,” Martha breezily proclaimed while making clear she wasn’t looking for a soulmate or life partner. Homegirl just needs a +1 to all the fancy events she gets invited to. NBD.

“My friends have been total disasters at fixing me up. Disaster. Hardly an effort. I’m really mad at all of them,” she griped. Ouch.

Her two bachelors were a handsome director, who had actually worked with her once before on a commercial, and a gregarious steel trader, who loves the New York Philharmonic and philanthropy. Excuse us, we’re obviously doing online dating wrong and have to go figure out how to fix that.

You can check out Martha’s mini-Bachelorette episode below. Bonus: there’s a surprise third match who shows up and his name rhymes with Smack Shmalifianakis.

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