WATCH: Warren Buffet Tried To Hook Up With Martha Stewart

…And other revelations from last night’s Chelsea Lately. Martha Stewart was the guest of the evening, and after very politely delivering a hostess gift of Icelandic vodka to Chelsea, the two got down to business, talking about — what else? — Martha’s love life.

Fun story: Warren Buffet once invited Martha Stewart to his home in Omaha, most likely to hook up, but Martha was “too obtuse” to pick up on the signals. In other news, the license plate on his “rickety American car” apparently reads “THRIFTY,” which Martha found very charming, but, unfortunately, not charming enough to make out with Buffet in the back of it.

Had she gone through with it, we probably would have been forced to set up a “Whose hookup was hotter?” poll between Stewart/Buffet and Gael Greene/Elvis Presley, and then you’d have to ponder it over your Cheerios this morning.

You can check out the clip of Martha’s appearance below. Buffet girltalk happens around the 6:00 mark.

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