WATCH: Martha Stewart, Ellen Degeneres, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Julia Roberts Play With Power Tools

We realize that we’re an ebullient breed around here, but trust us when we say that this clip is literally everything. It contains within its multitudes:

  • 1. “Single Ladies” as Martha Stewart’s intro music.
  • 2. Martha teaching holiday crafts to Ellen Degeneres and twin acting gods named Julia.
  • 3. Martha assuming Ellen knows her way around power tools because “don’t you do this at the farm?” Spoiler alert, Martha: Ellen doesn’t have a farm anymore, and everyone knows Portia’s the handy one.
  • 4. The Julias LITERALLY SCREECHING every time Martha turns on the radial saw.
  • 5. Drills + saws + sexy grandma + hot, funny babes + dapper, clueless comedian. ARE YOU KIDDING WITH US? THIS IS EVERYTHING.

While we flop around our desks gutturally “ahhhh”-ing, you should watch the clip below.

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