WATCH: Martha Stewart Tried Signing Up For As Herself

We imagine there’s a sizable niche of men who would appreciate Martha Stewart’s particular brand of quiet, classy, passive aggressive ball-busting, but she had so much trouble getting back into the dating scene after things ended with her long-time boyfriend that she succumbed to to try and find a date.

Best part? She didn’t even make up an alias! She tried to sign up as herself. Would it have been better that @DadBoner’s OKCupid profile? Probably. Ultimately, she told Matt Lauer in an interview, she felt too goofy to go through with publishing the profile, but we really wish evidence existed. In related news, The Braiser is now offering its online dating profile-writing skills to any and all celebrity chefs of a certain age who feel like they need a little help in the love department. We have a way with words.

Check out the interview below.

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