WATCH: Martha Stewart Out-Deadpans Jimmy Fallon

It can be difficult to stand your ground gracefully when faced with a late-night comedian whose sole job it is to make an audience laugh at your expense. But, as Eric Ripert once wisely advised, “You don’t fuck with Martha.”

She stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Thursday to give the audience some post-Thanksgiving decorating, leftover cooking, and cocktail-making tips throughout the show, and, despite a trying panini demo with Artie Lange, Stewart most definitely held her own.

While she was whipping up a leftover turkey tetrazzini, Jimmy asked if she had any strange Thanksgiving dishes that she served (eg., the odd pasta dish for an Italian-American family, Cincinnati chili, bizarre casseroles). Martha proceeded to respond with one of the most artfully delivered deadpans we’ve ever seen. Of course she doesn’t make weird sides, Jimmy. Everything is seasonal and traditional and pretty and delicious and perfect.

Check out a supercut of Martha’s best moments from last night’s episode below.

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