Televised Thanksgiving Segments Gave Martha Stewart A Horrible Case Of Salmonella

Are you happy, network television executives? Are you happy that you made Martha Stewart parade around your shows, preparing and handling hundreds of raw turkeys in the ratings-gold run-up to Thanksgiving? Because your greed nearly killed her with salmonella. 

Speaking to the New York Post, Stewart revealed that her disappearance from television during the end of November, when she’d normally be ubiquitous (Thanksgiving is her jam, after all) was due to a sudden onset of salmonella, usually caught after handling, among other contaminants, raw poultry.

“I think I caught it because I was handling so many turkeys around Thanksgiving,” she told the Post. “I was on the ‘Today’ show, I did a number of other [Thanksgiving] appearances. It really hit me hard and I was in bed for days. It was terrible.”

The vomiting, fever, and painful diarrhea normally associated with salmonella outbreaks did, however, have one positive outcome: “I lost some weight, though.”

Some role model you are, Martha. Stop encouraging people to lose weight through the Raw Turkey Diet.


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