Martha Stewart In Macy’s Case: People Can Have Two Houses, Shop At More Stores

The Macy’s v. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia war wages on, in spite of the fact that last week a judge very clearly spoke his piece about how Martha’s pretty clearly in the wrong here. In any case, Martha took the stand today to defend her right to open a store-within-a-store at JCPenny, in spite of her exclusive contract to sell her products at Macy’s. (The contract does allow MSLO to open stand-alone stores, hence her JCP kiosk argument.) As the judge said (we’re paraphrasing), “Yeah right.”

Martha’s already taking flack for her court appearance, and it may have something to do with the fact that she basically scoffed her way through the entire line of questioning, ignoring the many paparazzi cameras aimed at her face the whole time. She also turned the tables on the paparazzi outside the courthouse, flashing a little white camera of her own back at the faces of her not-so-adoring crowd.

Stewart made an appearance on The Today Show this morning to talk about the case, and respond to the critics of those photos. Check out the clip below.

Meanwhile, over on Good Morning America, where Martha was decidedly not making an appearance (nor was she making Josh Elliott meatloaf sammies like she was for Matt Lauer). They had a pretty good time covering the trial at her expense, pointing out how “sharp-elbowed” and “unrelatable” she came off, while she “chided” paparazzi.

And finally, here’s that gallery of her best snark faces.

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