WATCH: The Martha Stewart Vs Apple Twitter War, Explained


Gawker sort of notoriously does this thing which tickles us, where, if the subject of a story emails a particularly strong-worded response to the post, they turn around and publish the letter of complaint in its entirety for the internet at large to mock. Martha Stewart is really upping her cool grandma game by following their lead.

Apparently, she dropped the very iPad that Steve Jobs himself once gifted her earlier this week, shattering the screen. Martha posted the following series of tweets, allegedly light of heart, to vent her frustrations:

Apple’s PR appears to have reached out to Martha’s team with some sort of terse complaint about her putting them on Twitter blast, which upset them, considering Martha Stewart Omnimedia and Apple’s longtime working relationship. And Martha’s just all, can’t anyone take a joke?

She called into The Today Show this morning to straighten out the mess and, once again, insist that she was kidding about Apple showing up at her doorstep to fix her iPad. Guys, Martha Stewart is demonstrating increasingly millennial levels of obnoxious self-awareness and we are impressed.

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