Martha Stewart’s Twitter Account Wonders What ‘YOLO’ Means, Tweets Like A Teenager


Normally, Martha Stewart’s Twitter account is as Martha Stewart-y as one would expect Martha Stewart’s Twitter account to be. Literally, it’s impossible to read her classy tweets without experiencing a sort of synesthesia, where her words elicit the scent of the color sage. But last Friday, The Huffington Post noticed something odd about Martha’s normally elegant, restrained feed: it suddenly sounded like a teenager.

Instead of posts about television appearances, blog posts, photos of her recipes, and inevitable “Send me photos of my recipes that you cooked!” solicitations, some strange tweets appeared about that word that most of America hates:

Martha also took some cute XMas photos into the photo booth with her BFFs:

And, like many an overly dramatic pre-teen, discovered the attention-grabbing powers of the ALL CAPS BUTTON:


(The world’s response: “NO. IT IS RUDE. STOP YELLING.“)

HuffPost speculated that this was probably the work of the poor intern tasked with running Martha’s Twitter account. This is likely true, though there is also the possibility that Martha got Freaky Friday’d.

(Side note from Perez Hilton: “I love that you spelled out #YOLO, Martha! Ha!”)

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