WATCH: Which MasterChef-testant’s ‘Creative Genius Explosion’ Got Him Sent Home?

And yes, “creative genius explosion” is a direct quote from the contestant in question. So, bad ideas: preparing an arctic char sous vide, rubbing dijon all over arctic char, boiling lentils to the point of mushy bursting. And yet, all of these ideas found their way into Tali’s “creative genius”, prepared for Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich, and Graham Elliot on last night’s MasterChef elimination challenge.

Tali’s arrogance in insisting how brilliant his dish was had us thinking he had been cast as a producer’s plant, which would also explain why he’s lasted this long in the competition. His final plate was dijon-rubbed arctic char, cooked sous vide and then seared, served with bacon and mushy lentils. Yes, it was as hideous as it sounds. Except Tali kept talking it up! Judges finally called him out on his overblown cooking and gave him the boot last night. But check out the clip below to watch how hilariously indignant Tali becomes at Gordon’s interruption of his delicate process.

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