Tonight In Food TV: The MasterChef/Glee Crossover You Never Needed

Apparently the interests of crazed teenage Glee fans intersect largely with those of crazed middle-aged Gordon Ramsay admirers and, together, they’re setting the Twitter-verse ablaze with a truly comical level of excitement surrounding tonight’s MasterChef/Glee crossover.

On tonight’s episode, the home cooks will have to make pasta for Lidia Bastianich herself (which significantly fewer people are amped about), followed by providing craft services for cast and crew on the set of Glee. You know what that means: Matthew Morrison and Cory Monteith fangirls geeking out and Jane Lynch tracksuits for all! Check out a photo roundup of all the sneak peeks we’ve seen thus far, followed by a preview of tonight’s episode after the gallery.

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