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WATCH: Gordon Ramsay Asks A MasterChef Contestant To Kick Himself Off

On last night’s MasterChef, the losing team from the hotel breakfast service challenge was faced with the pressure test of making a molten lava cake. After two test cake fails, Ryan was forced to serve his third attempt as the clock ran out. It was soup. Tali’s cake stayed together slightly better, but his flavor was worse than Ryan’s cake filling. So, with two such awful cakes in the bottom two, judge Gordon Ramsay called for something a bit different.

He called for the bottom two cheftestants to be honest, and brave, and courageous, and true. He called for the chef who knew in his heart of hearts that he had created the worst dish to hang himself upon his apron (er…) and bow out of the competition. Surprisingly, Ryan took the fall and opted out. This isn’t the first time he’s boosted his bro Tali, but we can’t help but think it’s all been a bit misguided. Tali kind of can’t cook. At all. Check out King Arthur and his White Apron below.

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