WATCH: Masterchef-testant Brutally Stabs And Murders Tortellini

“What’s she doing sticking a knife in there?” are the first panicked words uttered by Gordon Ramsay in the clip below, and the impending pasta-cide unfolds from there. For some reason, the remaining half of the MasterChef-testant married couple, Anna, decided in the elimination challenge that the best way to lance the water/air out of her ill-fashioned tortellini so that it wouldn’t explode when she poached it off was to stab it with a knife, squeeze the air out as if she was popping a zit, and then seal it back up again.

FYI, non-cooks, that is not proper tortellini technique. Graham Elliot will illustrate all the reasons why in the clip below, using elaborate boating metaphors. After the gruesome stabbing, Anna’s dish continued to unravel until she was ultimately kicked off. So, for those of you keeping track, Tali is still in possession of a Masterchef apron, and we have officially lost our minds.

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