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WATCH: Do These MasterChef Cupcakes Really ‘Look Like Neon, Tripping Monkeys Took A Sh*t On Top Of Them’?

Are these the ugliest cupcakes you’ve ever seen? Because we’re skipping this week’s installment of “Whom did Joe Bastianich make cry?” in favor of showing them to you, and we want to feel like we made the right choice. (And trust us, there were not few tears shed. We think the marine cried again, but we can’t remember exactly. WHY IS THIS SHOW TWO HOURS?)

Anyway. The elimination challenge of last night’s episode forced the MasterChefs to demonstrate their baking prowess by making a dozen pretty, tasty cupcakes. And nothing puts your poor plating aesthetics on blast like a piping bag. Check out one poor home cook’s demented baked goods below.

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