Tonight in Food TV: Curtis Stone’s Surprise Engagement Party, Plus Scary Fowl Slaughter

On tonight’s MasterChef, Krissi earns a pressure test advantage that potentially involves the remaining six home cooks slaughtering their own fowl for a poultry cooking challenge. Is Bri going to shit chantrelles, she’s so nervous? Probably. MasterChef airs at 9pm ET on Fox, and you can check out a sneak peek of the contestants cuddling their feathery dinners below.

Then, on Top Chef: Masters, the cheftestants and James Oseland pull one over on Curtis Stone, secretly planning a surprise engagement party for him and the lovely Lindsay Price. That sneaky James! Top Chef: Masters airs at 10pm ET on Bravo, but you can watch the party prep and the briefest glimpse of Curtis’s priceless surprise face below.

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