WATCH: ‘It Looks Like You Slipped In Cow Sh*t And Baked It’ Isn’t Even The Best Burn From Last Night’s MasterChef

Last night’s MasterChef saw one of the top contenders, Lin, bested by a meringue. No shame; shit’s tricky. But Gordon Ramsay was feeling on top of his snark game last night, and seemed to take unique pleasure in systematically destroying him during his dish critique.

“It looks like you slipped in cow shit and baked it,” he matter-of-factly observed before taking a bite. Then it got real.

“It’s like eating a wall insulator with some strawberry or banana that your grand-dad left under his bed before he passed,” Gordon mused while chewing. “It’s rancid.”

Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot weren’t any kinder. The whole judging, actually, was sort of cruel, considering how much talent and promise Lin showed. He really was a good little plater.

Check out the painful clip below.

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