WATCH: MasterChef Bully Lays Smackdown On ‘One Of Those Hipster People That I Hate,’ Makes Her Cry

Is crying just implicit in MasterChef headlines, by this point? Do we have to keep mentioning tears, or can we all just accept that tears were shed? We know there’s no crying in fine dining, but setting a crop of home cooks loose around Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich, and Graham Elliot, while forcing them to do things like cook banquet-style meals for hordes of people, and work a restaurant line is hardly a highly-trained fine dining experience.

As their team fell apart yesterday, the token bully of this season’s MasterChef slammed one of her weaker teammates for being “like one of those hipster people in Philly that I hate.” Wanting to put nutmeg in a cauliflower puree, FYI, was this poor girl’s “hipster” offense. Check out those artisan hipster tears in action (parts one AND two) below.

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