WATCH: MasterChef-testant’s Bullying Makes Even Gordon Ramsay Uncomfortable

On last night’s MasterChef, the judges left the home cooks out in “the wilderness” for a night to cook restaurant quality meals in the great outdoors. Of course, it would have been cooler if they had to forage for their own ingredients, as a nod to current culinary trends, but hey. Ain’t nobody got time for pigeon hunting (oh right, except this guy). Instead, they got a limited pantry of ingredients and already cleaned squab and rabbit to cook. (Laaame.)

Before we even got to the jolly camp time sleepover, Bri and Natasha, as captains, had to pick their teams, and Krissi AKA Racist McTweeterson was — no surprise — left for last.

What transpired was a bald-faced admission of hatred from Krissi, lobbed at Bri, at once so cutting and so shockingly casual, that even Gordon Ramsay was made visibly uncomfortable. Check out the tense moment below.

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