Tonight In Food TV: Joe Bastianich Lights Cash On Fire, Offers Sad Masterchef Trophy Instead

The unnecessarily two-hour-long MasterChef Season 4 premiere airs tonight, and if anybody knows how to jack up a lame prize like the droopy Say Yes To The Dress bride-to-be that it is, it’s Fox. They’re offering the winner of this season $250,000, and, according to Joe Bastianich, who has apparently never seen the series before, “fame” and “notoriety.” Name another MasterChef winner and/or his/her famous/notorious accomplishments. No? Okay then.

To prove that it’s not about the money, Joe sets a wad of cash on fire, but don’t worry, guys; Graham Elliot holds the box which contains the prize that “ensures your culinary legacy”…a sad trophy! Check out a sneak peek below, and tune into the train wreck along with us tonight at 8:00 PM EST. It’s summertime! You don’t need those brain cells, anyway.

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