Tonight in Food TV: Steamers Are Hard! (For Italian MasterChef-testants)

Honestly, this adorable clip of tonight’s MasterChef might be this show’s “Ees Top Chef, not Top Scallop” moment. You can always count on a dashing Italian gentleman to swoop in with a memorable, broken one-liner.

On tonight’s episode, the remaining six home cooks work a challenge on a restaurant line, cooking, it looks like, Asian fusion dishes, because Krissi operates a wok “with the finesse of 22 drunk bulls in a China shop,” while poor Luca cannot get a handle on this tricky steamer contraption:

“I have no idea what’s going on! This supposed to be put the dumplings in the steamer, the steamer cooks them for you!”

This is what happens when you put the Italian guy on a dumpling dish assuming it’s the same as a raviolo. Check out the clip below, and tune into tonight’s MasterChef at 9pm ET on Fox.

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