WATCH: Matt Lauer Shamelessly Flirts With Mark Bittman, Al Roker Tries To Keep Up

Boys, boys, you’re both pretty. Mark Bittman stopped by The Today Show to cook with not one, but all four anchors this morning and, much to no one’s surprise, Matt Lauer and Al Roker were by far the more charming and successful cooks.

First, Matt elicited a bashful belly laugh from Mark after introducing him with no small amount of flattery. “One pleasure of the summer months is all the fresh corn that’s available. The other pleasure,” Lauer fondly pauses, “is this man, here, Mark Bittman.”

Bromance much?

Al, too, tries to woo Mark once his portion of the cooking demo comes along (a corn and bacon salad) with his best impression of The Beggin’ Strips Dog, which is actually pretty adorable, unlike his usual corny jokestering. (See what we did there?)

Savannah Guthrie attempts to humbly assert herself in the kitchen by announcing of Mark’s corn fritters, “I don’t know anything, but I know those need to be flipped.” Of course, two dishes later, the studio is filling with smoke, and Matt Lauer is awkwardly excusing himself to pass directly in front of the camera and extinguish the flames. Nice work, Savannah.

Check out Bittman’s remarkable ability to still make us want his fritters for breakfast, even as The Keystone Cops run the four burners around him, below. The man can roll with a punch.

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