Mayor Bloomberg Officially Bans Large Sodas; Jamie Oliver Rejoices

It’s official, so very, truly, sadly official: sugary beverages sold in containers larger than 16 oz have been banned in New York City, thanks to joyless Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The New York City Board of Health approved the controversial measure this morning, banning large drinks sweetened with sugar from pretty much anywhere that sells beverages (even precious, carcinogenic bubble tea may be affected), except for convenience and grocery stores.

There are other exceptions to the ruling if your beverage contains one of the following:

  • More than 50% milk
  • More than 70% juice
  • Aspartame or other artificial, no-calorie sweeteners
  • Alcohol
  • Unicorn tears

Shop owners have nine months to comply with the ruling of the Soda Stasi, after which they’ll be hit with a $200 fine for each infraction.

While the beverage industry will likely appeal the ruling and double down on its multimillion-dollar ad campaign against it, Jamie Oliver was quite pleased. “Some great news just in guys, NYC Board just approved soda ban, congratulations,” he tweeted.

No word yet on what effect this ruling will have on Guy Fieri’s new restaurant and its megadrinks.


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