comScore McDonald's Testing New Guacamole Burger, We Just Can't

McDonald’s Testing New Guacamole Burger, We Just Can’t

So uh, good for you, Denver.

Consumerist reports that McDonald’s is testing out an official Guacamole Burger in the Mile High City. And it’s not just on the burgers: for just 89 cents, you can add guacamole to any menu item (because those French fries really needed some green, don’t you think?). In comparison to say, Chipotle, that’s pretty cheap — especially in light of Chipotle’s decision to raise the prices of guac. In southern California, McGuac is already a thing, but it comes as an option when you “customize” your burger.

It’s pretty clear that McD’s believes this green will bring in, well, more green by following in the footsteps of Chipotle or another Denver competitor, Smashburger. Still, let’s not corrupt more of the things we love, right guys? Just leave our guacamole alone!


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