McDonald’s Tries to Get Kids Moving, Burns Them Instead

Getting kids to move more is pretty much always a good thing, except when you injure them in the process. McDonald’s attempted to make exercise fun for kids, but the efforts have gone awry.

The fast food chain had to pull an activity tracker toy from their Happy Meals this week because of reports that it was causing skin irritations in some children. One mother took to Facebook to warn others about the potentially dangerous toy. She said that her son had been burned after playing with the toy for just eight minutes. The post has so far been shared over 128,000 times.

In an e-mail to 10TV, a McDonalds representative said that they are “fully investigating the issue.” In the meantime, they are giving kids a different toy with their fried chicken fingers, burgers, and french fries.

To be fair, the toy probably wasn’t a great fit anyway for a company not exactly known for its health-conscious menu. You’d have to move around a lot to burn off all of that.

[image via Facebook]


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