WATCH: Two Australian McDonald’s Managers Save Choking Toddler

As Atul Gawande taught us earlier this week, Cheesecake Factory may have the smoothest running ship of them all, but it looks like McDonald’s employs the heroes. A 14-month old girl was eating in an Australia McDonald’s with her parents last month when she began choking on her meal of french fries and a Filet-o-Fish sandwich.

“[The mother] was going, ‘Save my baby, she’s choking, she’s not breathing,'” restaurant manager James Hatcher told media outlets.

As parents Glory Mara Tere and Tevita Vave lay their choking daughter on the counter, James and another manager, Rachel White, began attempts at dislodging the french fry caught in her throat and, after a few tense minutes, succeeded.

Baby Vaokakala Nevaeh Mara Tere-Vave was taken to a hospital, where doctors confirmed that she had suffered a seizure which led to the choking incident, and she was released the next day.

Her parents went back to the McDonald’s location to thank the team of managers, saying, “We are just so grateful to the staff at McDonald’s and to James…We can’t thank them enough.”

The day he saved their daughter’s life was James Hatcher’s 21st birthday.

You can watch the dramatic surveillance footage of James and Rachel’s life-saving feat below.

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