Meat Glue: Let Andrew Zimmern And Josh Ozersky Tell You About It

Sometimes there are substances too Bizarre and not Food enough for Andrew Zimmern’s comprehension. For instance: meat glue. “Is that a new home fix-it show on DIY focusing on carnivorous make overs?” he asked. “Or what?”

There’s only one man who can answer that, and it’s a certain ManBearPig who writes for Esquire’s Eat Like A Man column:

What Z-man refers to here is a substance called transglutamate, an enzymatic agent used to bond muscle proteins together. Which is to say, meat glue. It sounds nasty but it’s incredibly effective, and disappears once its job is done. Modernists have done some great things with it, like Wylie Dufresne, who once made a seven-layer lamb skirt steak with it that I still think about to this day.

Thanks, Josh Ozersky! This is what happens when two carnivorous minds caucus. Ooh, brilliant idea time: what if we stuck the two of them together with meat glue to form a supercarnivore? Because come on, “Androsh Ozimmern” sounds like the name of a futuristic meat god from a distant planet.


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