WATCH: Can The Meatball Shop Guys Demo Meatballs Without Saying The Word Ball?

…Obviously not. While both Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow made brave attempts at teaching the ladies of The New Potato how to whip up a set of their classic Italian-inspired meatballs, the Make Meatballs Without Saying The Word Ball drinking game was pathetically lost. Well, it was less a drinking game, and more a ‘You Have To Take A Lap Around The Block Every Time You Say Balls’ game. But we fail to see how this is a real punishment, because The Meatball Shop in Williamsburg shares a block with AnnaMaria’s Pizza, whose pesto slice is well worth any ball-speaking shame. We would have thrown the competition every time we got hungry and grabbed a slice on our punishment lap.

Anyway, they did their best to euphemise the balls by referring to them “meat spheres” and “meat orbs,” but, eventually, even meat orbs gets weird. Don’t get us wrong; we, as ladies, appreciate any and all cooking demos that avoid unpleasant genital jokes, so we love what the girls were trying to do.

But sometimes you just have to concede defeat.

[The New Potato]

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