Meatopia 2012 Spoofs PETA With Anti-Vegetable Abuse Ads

We admire a man who admits his passion for meat. We admire hosting a reverent festival on a tiny island between Manhattan and Queens in honor of meat consumption everywhere. Does that mean we have to admire Meatopia founder Josh Ozersky spoofing nude celebrity PETA ads with his META (Meatopians for Ethical Treatment of Animals) campaign? Because it looks like this:

And while we’re all in favor of a grizzly man proudly owning his body for all to see, that mysterious root vegetable/tuber/eggplant thing in front is making us awfully uncomfortable. (Can someone identify the mystery veg for us? Josh? Anyone?)

Meatopia, or the “Woodstock of Edible Animals” goes down September 8th and Alex Guarnaschelli, April Bloomfield, Adam Perry Lang, and Marc Forgione will all be on hand to celebrate. This year’s theme is “City of Meat,” and the festival will be organized by its different neighborhoods: Meatopia Heights, the Deckle District, Carcass Hill, The Quarter, Embassy Row, Beaktown, and the Meatopia County Game Reserve.

[Huffington Post]

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