Melissa McCarthy Makes Guy Fieri References in All Her Movies

It’s well-known that Guy Fieri was the inspiration for Melissa McCarthy’s character in Bridesmaids, from the exclamations to the wardrobe, but it’s not just that: in an interview with EW Radio, McCarthy revealed her and her husband’s lifelong obsession with the kewlest kid in the Food Network skool.

“We try to put one in every movie,” her husband Ben Falcone, the director of McCarthy’s new movie Tammy, explained.

“When we first started watching him, he just said such crazy stuff, and we were like, ‘Those are not sayings. Those are not real sayings,” McCarthy said. “That’s not a real phrase, that doesn’t make sense.’ And then when you watch him enough, you kind of love him because he’s making all of his own sayings.”

They also desperately want to meet Fieri, and McCarthy admitted that while she usually doesn’t try to use her mad industry connex to meet people, she’d make an exception for Fieri: she tried to pull her “Jesus card” and get Fieri to make a surprise appearance at Falcone’s 40th birthday party, but scheduling conflicts prevented a great meeting of minds. “This is going to have to be a thing for us,” she vowed.

Listen up:

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