WATCH: Eric Greenspan, Incapacitated By Thai Chili, Enacts Revenge With Grilled Cheese

Eric Greenspan visited Jitlada for the most recent installment of his new Tasted web series The Meltmaster and more or less got his face melted clean off by the proper Southern Thai cuisine.

He sampled their “world-famous”, super-spicy Dynamite Curry, which involved chilis so hot, Greenspan could feel the heat off the mortar and pestle as they were being crushed, and when they hit the hot pan, the entire crew was effectively gassed.

In an effort to exact revenge, he created a grilled cheese sandwich which matched the heat with decadence, stuffed with shrimp, buffalo mozzarella, chicken, and Gjetost, battered in coconut milk, and deep-fried Monte Cristo-style. Because you know Thai digestive systems can’t handle their dairy products.

Sidebar: Did Tasted get a massive gratis shipment of Gjetost from Scandinavia that they’re now furiously trying to rid themselves of? Because Richard Blais’ used it for his latest Tasted series Ikea Burger episode. If so, please send some our way. We’ll happily eat your surplus Norwegian caramelized goat cheese that tastes like peanut butter.

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