Life After Top Chef: Micah Fields And CJ Jacobson Are Teaming Up

Buried in the end of a mildly nice little Kitchen Daily interview with Top Chef: Seattle cheftestant Micah Fields is a way more interesting tidbit: he and tall forager/fellow cheftestant CJ Jacobson are working on a project.

Now, “working on a project” could mean many things, from “Micah Fields and CJ Jacobson are planning the next great gastronomy temple” to “Micah Fields and CJ Jacobson are gluing macaroni and glitter to some construction paper.” But as of now, we’re going to hold off on our judgements, because while we know how freaking awesome CJ can oftentimes be (also: Noma), Micah and his relative youth are the unknown variables in this partnership. We trust your judgement, CJ! (And besides, we’d only pronounce it an utter failure this early on if he was working with Josie “Why Is Your Mouth Still Making Noises” Smith-Malave.)

[Kitchen Daily]

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