WATCH: Bloomberg’s Soda Ban Inspiration? Hoping to Out-Live His Enemies

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg stopped by The Dr. Oz Show yesterday to talk about the soda ban and play with giant rubber anatomy, as one does when one visits Dr. Oz. We were totally cool with that, until he attempted to explain his soda ban using the most evil reasoning ever.

While holding a fatty heart in his hands, Bloomberg was asked by Dr. Oz if seeing the physical toll of an unhealthy diet put his work in perspective. Bloomberg answered:

“I’ll tell you ways to think about this: think about the person you don’t like most in the world. Do you want to be at their funeral or do you want them to be at yours? If that doesn’t get you to take care of yourself, I don’t know what does.”

If the schadenfreude of enemy death doesn’t work, he doesn’t know what will! No wonder people think New Yorkers are mean. Check out The Bloom’s appearance below. Playing with doctor toys starts at around 4:20.

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