How Michael Lomonaco Eats During Restaurant Week; Yes It Involves Headcheese

GrubStreet tapped Porter House and newly opened Center Bar’s Michael Lomonaco for this week’s “New York Diet” diary, and, very very fortunately, they nabbed him during Restaurant Week.

While busily helming his own restaurants, grabbing bites here and there of the day’s dishes (like “a coarse, country-style pâté with grain mustard, grilled country bread, pickled beets, and other vegetables” — are we drooling much?), he was simultaneously trying to keep healthy by supplementing his diet with lots of juice cleanse juices. 1, we don’t think that’s how juice cleanses are supposed to work. And 2, how come every chef in the club is on a juice cleanse?!

One day, he visited Resto for lunch and nibbled on their Restaurant Week offerings, deluxe chef’s version: “The chef also hooked us up with a taste of the tête de cochon po’boy, a luxurious pork headcheese with tomato, pepper, and pickled aïoli on a bun, and the charred octopus with salsa verde.”

And then, there was his dinner at Atera, booked a month in advance and cooked by guest chef and Mugaritz alum Rafa Costa e Silva, which involved pork sweetbread croquettes served on a pig’s ear.

Oh, to eat like New York City’s hometown culinary royalty…


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