Michael Symon And Chef Friends To Celebrate 100 Years Of Cleveland’s West Side Market

This November, Cleveland’s gorgeous West Side Market (celebrated ad nauseam by native Michael Ruhlman and begrudgingly loved by Anthony Bourdain during that episode of No Reservations) turns 100. To celebrate this accomplishment, the historic market is throwing a huge gala, co-chaired by Cleveland’s beloved native chef sons, Michael Symon (Iron Chef America) and Jonathon Sawyer (Food & Wine’s Best New Chef, 2010).

And what’s a gala celebrating a market known for endless meat parts, fresh produce, and ethnic foods, if it didn’t have a bunch of chefs on its guest list? So far, April Bloomfield, Andrew Zimmern, Andrew Carmellini, Karen DeMasco, Paul Kahan, Jeff Michaud, and Mark Vetri are slated to attend from outside of Cleveland, reports The Plain Dealer. (We really love the names of Midwestern newspapers. Just sayin’.)

Repping Cleveland’s culinary scene (because it’s their market, after all) are Britt-Marie Culey, Chris Hodgson, Eric Williams, Paul Minnillo, and Rocco Whalen. 

To properly celebrate the occasion, the chefs will be cooking with ingredients that they selected from the market itself on November 2nd (the actual anniversary of the market’s birthday), and the gala will be the next day. Tickets to the event cost $250, and are on pre-sale, Coachella-style, at History!

[The Plain Dealer]

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