Michael Symon Teams Up With Lays For ‘Do Us A Flavor’ Campaign

No, sadly, this chip campaign does not involve a threesome-finding app, because it takes places in America, and America is not The Netherlands. Do Us A Flavor is a campaign by Lays Potato Chips to find the next addictive chip flavor. While this is the first time they’ve attempted the contest stateside, it’s been run in a dozen different countries, attracting an astounding 8 million submissions.

For the American incarnation, Michael Symon (and Eva Longoria…because when we think potato chips, we think Eva) have teamed up with the brand to promote the contest.

“What I love about Lay’s potato chips, and why I’ve loved them since I was a kid, is because there’s three ingredients — potatoes, oil, and salt — so it’s a very clean palate to start with, and then to create new flavors you really need to think about things that bring you back to a place,” Michael told The Daily Meal.

So, to participate, contestants must come up with a new flavor of chip using up to three ingredients. Previous winners have been flavors like caesar salad, mango, and garlic prawn. How long till a garlic prawn flavored taco shell?

[The Daily Meal]

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