WATCH: Michael Symon And Eva Longoria’s Goofy Lay’s Commercial

Quick! What’s more embarrassing? An embarrassing celebrity chef endorsement for Lay’s or a celebrity chef doing an embarrassing endorsement commercial alongside burgeoning restaurateur Eva Longoria? The answer is: poor Michael Symon.

Remember that goofy Lay’s “Do Us a Flavor” Campaign that Michael Symon decided to become the bald-headed face of alongside the Desperate Housewives star? Well, now that campaign has its own goofy commercial.

The contest asks viewers to submit the next great Lay’s Potato Chip flavor, and the winning combination’s inventor will receive a $1 million cash prize. The commercial involves such non-related and unrealistic images as: creepy Pilgrims, a cream pie flash mob dance sequence, and Eva Longoria eating chips.

If only we had been strolling past the Flat Iron building on the day Michael and Eva were shooting. We could have all grabbed some Shake Shack together in Madison Square Park and discussed Eva’s new steak house for ladies. Surely Michael Symon has some brilliant insights to offer, no?

Unfortch, we’ll just have to watch the commercial below with a bag of Lay’s and a pie in hand and pretend.


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