Michael Symon Gets ‘Queasy’ When People Call Sandra Lee A ‘Chef’

Though he’s quick to point out that it’s not because he hates Sandra Lee.  Michael Symon, to the contrary, hates the idea of someone taking the hard-earned title of “chef” and uses it to apply to any schmo with two thumbs who cooks food at all.

He took to Facebook this morning after hearing someone refer to Lee as a “chef.” First launching into a long explanation of the etymology behind the word, he added that his criticism was “not snobby” and asked people not to take it the wrong way:

“its 30 years of burns, cuts, 100 hr weeks, missed family gatherings..etc…one of my biggest pet peeves..& imho a tremendous insult to those who have come before & after me that have busted their asses in kitchens to earn the title…i put in & take out my own stitches but nobody calls me a doctor..i wasn’t attacking sandra..i was attacking the throwing around of the title “chef”.”

Lesson: unless you are a Legitimate Chef, you should probably introduce yourself to Symon as “home cook” or “microwave aficionado.”

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