Blind Item: Which Celebrity ink. Regular Orders Nothing But Piles Of Raw Salted Veg From Voltaggio’s Kitchen?

One special lady comes to mind…but we’ll open the floor to other guesses, too.

Michael Voltaggio appeared on a GMA segment this morning, which covered The Hollywood Reporter’s upcoming exposé from an LA maître d’ about tinsel town’s pickiest celebrity diners. ink., both white hot right now and nestled smack in the middle of Hollywood, sees its fair share of aforementioned picky celebs, but a menu tyrant Voltaggio is not. He’s willing to cater to the whims of every diner, even those who apparently hate foods. Says Michael of one anonymous lady celeb:

“[She] doesn’t like anything cooked, doesn’t really eat any protein, and loves salt, so we would have to basically send out piles of things and piles of different types of salt and hope that we got it right…If you’re gonna say, ‘You know what, just go somewhere else,’ then they’re gonna go somewhere else. We try and give them what they want.”

Even when that someone is Gwyneth Paltrow, though? Tut tut. You know nothing, Jon Snow.

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