Michael Voltaggio Not Opening Restaurant In DC, Contrary To What Restaurant Website Says

When the website for upcoming DC restaurant Notting Hill popped up, Alexandria residents did a double take at the familiar face gracing the page: it was a Voltaggio. Not Bryan, they realized after a moment of confusion, though that would have made sense — but Michael. So, uh, what’s up with that, younger Voltaggio?

“I am in no way involved with this Notting Hill project,” he said in a statement to Washingtonian magazine. “It’s misleading and frustrating that they’ve used my image without my (or the photographer’s) permission on their site.”

Then he goes in for the kill: “Apparently they have no definitive vision. I hope that they can identify who they are before they start serving guests.”

Using Voltaggio’s face on a restaurant he’s not involved with is a slightly more serious issue than the other fake endorsements we’ve seen in the past (though we do have to wonder why so many of them are in DC.) Washingtonian reached out to the restaurant’s listed owner, Shoja-Maddahi Seyed Hossein, for comment, and so far haven’t heard back from him.

Or maybe it’s Bryan dressing up to look like Michael and fooling us all. You never know; Halloween is coming up.


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