Michael White Abandons Juice Diet After Bad NYT Review Of Nicoletta

Thanks to Grub Street, we now know that juice is the new shrooms. Through methods unknown, they got NYC chefs Michael White, Alex Stupak, and Josh Capon to participate in a weeklong juice cleanse, and they agreed to keep a diary of their results. (We’d love to know how many turned it down, but we do know that Andrew Carmellini begged off, saying that he needed to maintain muscle mass: “I need muscle to crush heads.”)

While Stupak discovered that juice was, after a horrible first day, an excellent alternative to Red Bull, and Capon soon became a kale-eating juice evangelist, Michelin-winner White was forced to give up his diet due to some unexpected news:

I got the Pete Wells memo … New York Times Nicoletta review. Cleanse, as we know it, over. I will now, immediately, be tasting a lot of pizza post-Cheshes/Wells/Sutton reviews. Went home, put my feet up, ignored Eater commentary and tried to stay positive with a coconut juice nightcap. Most chefs would have probably hit the Jameson.

Well hey, it sure beats crying into melted Ben & Jerry’s.

It’s a shame, though, because White was getting really enthusiastic about juicing. By the end of the week, he hadn’t lost weight: “I guess I cheated … more than once, and that’s why, but it was worth a challenge and was a nice distraction during an otherwise rocky week.”

[Grub Street NY]

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