WATCH: Michel And Sébastien Bras Reveal The Plating Diagram Behind Their World-Famous Salad

It’s hard enough taking over the family business without that family business being a three Michelin-starred restaurant. The tension that comes with such an assignment is the focus of an upcoming documentary, titled Step Up To The Plate (or Entres Les Bras in French), from filmmaker Paul Lacoste, which follows Sébastien Bras taking the reins from his father, Michel Bras, at their restaurant Laguiole in France.

The Bras’ are the kind of culinary force that can make a salad world-famous. Theirs is called the gargouillou, and the film also highlights the creative process that goes into creating a such a celebrated dish. The two discuss flavor components, where to place certain ingredients, even draw diagrams of potential plating options. We could try and add something about how their arguments over plating is a metaphor for their different personalities and the effect it will have on the restaurant, but we’d rather just enjoy the insight into the mind of a food genius instead.

The film opens in New York in September; in the meantime, you can watch the trailer below.

Step Up To The Plate (Trailer) from Cinema Guild on Vimeo.

[Food Republic]

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