Michel Nischan Caters Star-Studded Obama Fundraiser

At Harvey Weinstein’s exclusive Westport, CT fundraiser for Barack Obama’s reelection campaign, the President may have singled out Anne Hathaway for being a sexy cat woman, and Aaron Sorkin for being a sexy writer, but the coolest, most coincidental guest of the night was preparing food in the kitchen.

Two-time James Beard Award-winner Michel Nischan was in the kitchen that night preparing a locally-sourced menu, the details of which Obama Foodorama unearthed from his spokesman. It sounds like something Ina Garten would serve to Martha Stewart at Ted Kennedy’s house.

[The menu] opened with an heirloom tomato salad over pickled cucumbers from the chef’s garden. The entree was heirloom chicken from Connecticut, served with a potato tart and local bok choyskillet seared with miso and agave, with shaved sweet carrots.  For dessert, guests enjoyed pan fried Angel Food Cake, served with local berries and honey.

(Wait. You can pan fry Angel Food Cake?! Oh my goodness, we are apoplectic with joy, or congestive heart failure; either one works.)

ObFo also notes that Nischan has another connection to the President, besides cooking for him and visiting the White House on occasion: White House Executive Pastry Chef Bill Yosses designed the dessert menu for Nischan’s restaurant The Dressing Room — A Homegrown Restaurant in Westport, CT, before joining the Executive Branch.

Which only goes to show you: Michel Nischan is part of the Food Illuminati.


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