WATCH: Michelin-Starred French Chef Endorses McDonald’s Sandwich; Should Marry It If He Loves It So Much

Yes, this is a true story. No, we did not make up that headline, and no, we certainly did not get paid by McDonald’s to lie to our readers. But we did read a cruel brainwashing experiment that Bloomberg News conducted with Pierre Koffman, who held three Michelin stars for his London restaurant La Tante Claire, when they made him eat a McBaguette on camera.

“I’m lovin’ it,” Koffmann said of the newly Frenchified McDonald’s sandwich, which contains ham, cheese, lettuce, mayo, and hash brown potatoes (BECAUSE OF COURSE, MCDONALDS, BECAUSE OF COURSE) on a baguette. “If I was hungry walking by, I’d buy it with pleasure.” He goes on to state that the baguette is better than most baguettes in France! Zut alors.

Look at his pleasantly surprised face in the video below, and look into the face of evil. We can’t believe it. We believe that all corporations are Evil Capitalist Scum Structures, you see, and the idea that they could make anything…decent…gives us the chills, bone-deep chills. Koffman, you Vichy collaborator, you Mata Hari of food. That smell of selling out? We hope you’re lovin’ it,  you baguette Judas.

[Bloomberg via Grub Street]

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