France Now Has 27 Three-Star Michelin Restaurants In 2013 Guide

This morning, the Michelin Guide released its star rankings for its culinary homeland France, and the results were just as an earlier leak had predicted: a whopping 27 restaurants bore the distinction of three Michelin stars.

That, as Eater points out, is the most three-star restaurants out of any country where the Michelin Guide ranks restaurants — this year, Tokyo comes in second with 15, Western Japan with 12, and America with “Eeeugh, les americains? Non!”  — and, incidentally, France has the most stars of any country in the world, with 82 two-starred restaurants and a ridiculous 487 one-star restaurants.

Did your favorite French restaurant win any distinctions this year? Check out the spreadsheet below! Congratulations to all the winners (and consolation hugs to the 35 restaurants demoted to zero stars).

2013_Selection GM France FR by


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